Plastic Bags

The City of Kerrville Public Works, Solid Waste Division would like to make the public aware of issues Republic Services is having with recycling carts.  Numerous recycling carts are not being serviced as a result of containing plastic bags. 

Be advised that recyclables should NOT be placed in plastic bags, but rather placed loosely in your recycling cart. However, shredded paper is allowed in paper bags. Paper bags may be requested at your local grocery store instead of plastic bags, or can typically be purchased at most home-goods stores.   

Plastic bags jam up the sorting machinery at the Recycling Center. Bagged recyclables can also be confused for trash since workers can't see inside. 

Plastic bags, including dry cleaner bags, produce bags, and grocery bags are collected and recycled at your local grocery store. 

Further inquiries regarding these collections can be made by contacting Republic Services at (210) 304-2700, or the City of Kerrville at (830) 257-8000.

no plastic bags