Zoning Board of Adjustment

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June 15, 2023 at 4:00 pm

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Zoning Board of Adjustment Members:

Pablo Brinkman - Chair

Aimee Chockley 
Michael Killeen
Sam Ligon 
Lynn Niles

Donald Chute

Staff Contact:

Drew Paxton, Planning Director


Zoning Board of Adjustment Details


The board shall be composed of five members all of whom shall be residents and qualified voters of the city of Kerrville.
Alternate Members:Two alternate members will be appointed who shall be qualified voters of the city to serve concurrent terms as the regular members. The alternate members will serve on the board in place of an absent member when requested to do so by the chairperson of the board so that all cases to be heard by the board shall always be heard by a minimum of four members.

Powers and Duties:

  1. The board shall hear and decide an appeal that alleges an error in any order, decision, or determination made by an administrative official of the city in the interpretation or enforcement of Chapter 211 of the Texas Local Government Code, as amended, or the zoning code.
  2. The board shall grant, upon written request, variances from the height, yard, area, coverage, floor-to-area, and buffering regulations and required number of parking and loading spaces prescribed by the zoning code, which variances are not contrary to the public interest, and which, because of special conditions, a literal enforcement of the ordinance would result in unnecessary hardship.

Term of Office:

Two years. The members shall be appointed by a majority vote of the members of the city council. No member or alternate member shall serve more than three consecutive full terms on the board without having at least one full year off of the board between terms.



Number of Members:

Five with two alternates

Meeting Time & Place:

At the call of the chairperson and at such other times as the members of the board shall determine.

Established By:

Ordinance No. 1997-07, Amended by Ordinance No. 2009-07


November 13, 2018

Board Applications:

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