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Tuesday, August 13, 2019  2:00pm


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About the Senior Services Advisory Committee:

 The Senior Services Advisory Committee was established by Ordinance No. 2018-32, approved by the City Council on first reading on 10-23-18; and on second reading on 11-13-18.  The following is an excerpt from Article IV "Boards and Commissions"; Sec. 2-91 of the City of Kerrville Code of Ordinances:  "The Senior Services Advisory Committee of the City shall be an advisory body of 16 members appointed by the City Council. The Mayor shall appoint the Chair and Vice-Chair from the appointments made by the Council, but only following the appointment of the initial Committee. Thereafter, each Committee shall select the Chair and Vide-Chair from among its members.
            During the initial appointment of the Committee members, Council will appoint 6 of the Committee members to terms expiring September 30, 2019. Council will then appoint each of the remaining 7 members to terms expiring September 30, 2010. Subsequent appointments shall serve a full two-year term. All members shall serve until their successors are appointed and qualified, but regardless, each term will exist as a two-year term beginning October 1 through September 30 two years hence."
Senior Services Advisory Committee Members


Senior Services Advisory Committee Details


Members must be at least 55 years of age, or have relative experience in providing services to seniors, should be persons who are concerned about senior affairs in the community, and must reside within the City.
Board Application: Apply online for membership to this board

Powers and Duties:

The Senior Services Committee shall act as an advisory body to the City Manager and City Council and shall:
    a.  recommend the role of the City and the Committee in ensuring the provision of services to the elderly;
    b.  advise City Council as requested on elderly issues;
    c.  assist the City in identifying programs for the elderly that are needed in the community; and
    d.  perform other duties assigned by City Council.

Term of Office:

Committee members shall serve two-year terms , beginning October 1 through September 30.



Number of Members:


Meeting Time & Place:

Established By:

Ordinance 2018-32