Library Advisory Board

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Tuesday, January 16, 2024 3:00pm, City Hall

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Library Advisory Board Members
Marnie BethelJennifer Daschel - Vice-Chair (FOTL)
Jill DrakeLana Tatsch
Barbara Jansen
 Kay Stewart 

Staff Contact:

Danielle Brigati, Library Director

Library Advisory Board Details


Members must maintain a library card in good standing. Kerrville City Council shall appoint four (4) members; and The Friends of the Butt-Holdsworth Memorial Library shall appoint one (1) member.

Powers and Duties:

  1. May hold hearings and consider and make recommendations to the city council and county commissioners court in writing pertaining to the library system.
  2. The Board shall perform the following duties: (1) initiate and/or support policies, programs, and planning for the advancement of the Library; (2) communicate the needs of the citizens of the County of Kerr, Texas, to the Director of the Library and the Library staff; (3) inform the public about Library services available to them; (4) evaluate progress of Library activities and facilities; (5) provide input, as requested, to the City Manager during the selection process for a Director of the Library, and (6) review the annual budget for library operations during the budget cycle and make recommendations to the Library Director concerning library programs and/or library related issues.
  3. May recommend that persons who have provided long and valuable service and support to the library be appointed by the city and county as life members of the “honorary library advisory panel” which may provide advice and assistance to the board as agreed upon between the board and the advisory panel, but in no event will this panel have the duties or obligations delegated to the library advisory board.

Term of Office:

All Board appointments shall serve two (2) year terms. No Board member shall serve more than two (2) consecutive two (2) year term on the Board without having at least one (1) full year off of the Board between terms. A majority of the members’ terms shall expire in even-number years with the remaining members’ terms expiring in odd-numbered years.


Three Members

Number of Members:

Five Members

Meeting Time & Place:

Quarterly, on the third Tuesday of the month, 3:00 p.m., Butt-Holdsworth Memorial Library, or noted location.

Established By:

Ordinance No. 1967-17; amended by Ordinance Nos. 80-5, 84-14, 84-58, 85-01, 87-24, 87-60, 87-61, and 2005-19 (in its entirety); Resolution Nos. 045-2006, 107-2006, 076-2007, and 122-2007 did not change this board. Code of Ordinances: Chapter 66 - Article II – Sections 66-31 through 66-34; Amended by Ordinance No. 2010-05; Amended by Ordinance No. 2011-16; Amended by Ordinance 2017-10; Amended by Ordinance 2018-03; Amended by Ordinance 2021-08; Amended by Ordinance No. 2023-10.


April 11, 2023

Board Application:

Board Application - LAB