Physical Resources and Apparatus

KFD Physical Resources

  • 4 Fire Stations
  • 4 Engines
  • 1 Ladder Truck (Central Station)
  • 1 Rescue Truck (Central Station)
  • 2 Brush Trucks (Station #2 & #3)
  • 1 Spare Engine (Station #4)
  • 4 Full Time Ambulances (Stations #1,#2,#3 & #4)
  • 3 Spare Ambulances (Stations #2, #3 & #4)


Fire apparatus nomenclature is part of the history and tradition of the fire service

Engine - A vehicle that carries firefighters, water, hose, and pumping equipment to an incident to extinguish a fire. Engine
Ladder Truck Ladder Truck - Ladder, and aerial platform vehicles. 100' platform.

Command Vehicle - A vehicle that transports the incident commander to the scene of an incident. This unit contains communication and other equipment to provide on scene command supervision.
Command Unit

Brush Truck - This 4 wheel drive vehicle is utilized in fighting brush fires.
EMS Ambulance (Mobile Intensive Care Unit) - This vehicle is utilized to provide advance life support response and hospital transport. It is staffed with a minimum of one Paramedic and one EMT that are capable of providing advance life support services at the scene of a medical call.

Brush truck

Rescue Truck

Rescue Truck - This vehicle is utilized to carry medium duty rescue equipment, light and air for S.C.B.A.