Riparian Zones

What is a Riparian Area?

Riparian areas are the margins of streams, rivers and intermittent draws, where vegetation is strongly influenced by the presence of water. 

The Benefits of a Healthy Riparian Area

Riparian areas perform key ecological functions that contribute to the health of the entire ecosystem. Nutrients, detritus, and water are transported into a riparian system from runoff. Riparian vegetation adjacent to rivers and streams serves as a major energy source for aquatic organisms while providing habitat for numerous terrestrial wildlife species. Trees provide shade and prevent wide fluctuations in water temperature, protecting aquatic wildlife from the harmful effects of climatic extremes. Stems and roots of riparian vegetation stabilize the soil by reducing water velocity and minimizing erosion.

Riperian Zone Infographic

The City looks to the experts for information related to stream riparian zones and stream ecology.

Below are links to websites discussing riparian zones and stream ecology:
Texas Riparian Association
Hill Country Alliance
Texas Water Resources Institute

To access the City's generated map that delineate a 50’ section on each side of the City’s streams explore the Kerrville Property Map.

  • Select the appropriate layer by clicking


  • Then select Riparian layer from list of options:

Riparian zones2

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