Water Production

Water Production focuses on producing high-quality drinking water using native groundwater wells, surface water from the Guadalupe River and Aquifer Storage and Recovery (ASR) wells as water sources.

WP 2

In the event of an after-hour water emergency, please notify police dispatch at (830) 257-8181.

Current Water Conservation Stage - Stage 4 

Department Responsibilities

  • Water Treatment &Storage: responsible for treating water from the Guadalupe River and the Lower Trinity Aquifer to drinking water standards and storing excess drinking water into aquifer storage and recovery ASR wells for use during times of need
  • Water Pressure & Volume: responsible for moving drinking water to storage tanks using booster stations to provide the necessary pressure and volume to meet daily customer demand and emergency fire flow requirements.
  • Water Data Collection: responsible for recording tank and aquifer levels, pumping flow, pumping totals, chemical usage, disinfection levels, treatment parameters, and historical data to comply with regulatory requirements. 

Department Accomplishments

In the last year, we:
  • Started construction on the Granular Activated Carbon System (GAC)
  • Completed a new maintenance welding shop
  • Painted the Methodist tank site
  • Completed rehab of Surface Water Treatment Plant 1 Filter Vacuum System
  • Completed a Clarifier project 
  • Painted the Kerrville Schreiner Park well/tank site

FY2023 Objectives

Key Priority Area: Water, Wastewater & Drainage
  • Improve the water quality program to meet TTHM Standards set by EPA
  • Provide excellent customer service and educational information
  • Upgrade and maintain infrastructure to improve efficiencies and water quality
  • Invest in training to ensure staff is operating in a safe and competent manner