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Hughes, Jerremy
Jerremy Hughes
 Division Chief
Training Chief and Emergency Management Coordinator

Kerrville Emergency Management

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Emergency Preparedness in Kerrville

Emergencies and disasters can strike quickly and without warning and can force you to evacuate your neighborhood or confine you to your home.

The City of Kerrville has managed and maintained an emergency management plan since July 26, 1983. The Robert T. Stafford Disaster Relief and Emergency Assistance Act signed into law on November 23, 1988; amended the Disaster Relief Act of 1974. This law states municipalities and government entities must develop emergency management programs, and plans to qualify for State and Federal assistance during periods of disaster.

The City’s current emergency management plan consists of a basic plan and twenty two hazard specific annexes. The annexes address management of functions ranging from Fire, EMS and Law Enforcement to Shelter & Mass Care, Evacuation and Donations Management. The Basic Plan and each annex are updated at five year intervals as required by the State of Texas. Since 1983 the City of Kerrville has met the legal requirements in its emergency preparedness, and planning efforts as defined by the State of Texas.

Our current plan is legal, up-to-date and has been adopted and approved by the State of Texas. Our current plan is also exercised on a quarterly basis. Below is a highlight of our past exercises and public meetings.

• June 2016 – Point to Point Tabletop with San Patricio County – Basic EOP & Annex C
• June 2016 – Planning Meeting for July 4 In the Park – Annex G
• July 2016 – Communications Exercise for July 4 In the Park – Annex B
• August 2016 – Texas 811 Safety Meeting – Public Meeting
• September 2016 – Kerr County Flu Clinic
• November 2016 – Communications Exercise with AACOG. – Annex B
• December 2016 – Participated with PRMC on Threat Vulnerability Assessment for hospital
• January 2017 – Schreiner University Tabletop- Evacuation
• January 2017 – Inclement Weather Planning Meeting – City Staff and NOAA – Annex A
• February 2017 – Shelter Exercise with the Red Cross, CERT, Kerr County, and City. – Annex C
• March 2017 – Wildland Tabletop Exercise with Texas Forest Service and VFD’s
• April 2017 – Skywarn NWS class for the public
• April 2017 – Full Scale Exercise
• June 2017 – Texas 811 Excavation Safety Day

Over the past year we have worked diligently to improve our emergency preparedness and planning efforts within our City and region. Both County and City Emergency Management Coordinators have obtained their Advanced Professional Series certification from FEMA and TDEM. Seven Annexes were reviewed and updated in 2016. It is our goal to continue these efforts in the future to enhance emergency preparedness in our City and with our regional partners as well.


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