Water Reclamation

Water Reclamation Plant

Division Responsibilities

The Water Reclamation Division is responsible for the planning, operation, administration, and maintenance of the Water Reclamation Treatment Facility and the wastewater collection system. Structured under the City of Kerrville Public Works Department, revenues for the Division's activities are funded through service charged for sewer service which is included on monthly water/sewer bills.

The Water Reclamation Division has a total of 13 employees under the direction of the Water Reclamation Superintendent to maintain and operate the 4.5 million gallons per day Water Reclamation Facility. The wastewater collection system, which is comprised of 26 pump stations, over 188 miles of various sized collection lines, and 2600 manholes. Water Reclamation staff also maintains and operates the reclaimed water distribution system, which serves certain local golf courses and athletic complex irrigation needs.

“In the event of an after-hour wastewater emergency, please notify police dispatch at (830) 257-8181.”

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Department Responsibilities

  • Wastewater Collection and Treatment; responsible for treating wastewater through biological, chemical, and filtration processes so that it meets all TCEQ and EPA standards and can be reused for irrigation or discharge back into Texas waterways
  • Plant Maintenance and Repair: responsible for operation, maintenance, and repair of the Water Reclamation Treatment Facility
  • Reclaimed Water System:  responsible for operating system in compliance with TCEQ and EPA rules. This maintenance consists of overseeing the distribution system, including pumps and lines; ensuring that reuse customers comply with proper storage and usage; and maintaining the new reuse pond. 

Department Accomplishments

In the last year, we:
  • Treated an average of 1.9 million gallons of wastewater daily
  • Dewatered and transported 700 dry metric tons of sludge
  • Distributed over 704 million gallons of reclaimed water that was used for irrigation
  • Responded to 2,938 SCADA service calls, all within 24 hours
  • Began pumping reuse water to 2 new customers for irrigation
  • Completed organizational restructuring by splitting Wastewater Collections off from Water Reclamation into its own department

FY2023 Objectives

Key Priority Area: Water, Wastewater and Drainage:
  • Maintain compliance with TCEQ permit for all operations
  • Maintain satisfactory levels of customer service and engagement
  • Provide an environment that motivates staff and encourages professional development
  • Maintain fiscal responsibility for operations throughout the division