City Secretary

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The City Secretary’s Office is committed to keeping our citizens up to date and informed by providing transparency that promotes accountability, integrity, and visibility while preserving Kerrville’s rich history.

The City Secretary, or Municipal Clerk, is the oldest servant role in recorded history. The earliest Clerks appeared around 5,000 B.C. with the invention of writing. Biblical reference to the Town Clerk is found in the Book of Acts chapter 19, verse 35.

The City Secretary is the keeper of the Archives as we record, maintain, and safeguard the history of our City government. 
Each city in Texas is required to have a City Secretary as soon as the city is formed. Although the duties vary for each city, there are core duties that all City Secretary’s, or Municipal Clerks, perform, some of which are required by the Texas Local Government Code.

Our duties include: coordinating preparation of City Council, Economic Improvement Corporation, and Tax Increment Reinvestment Zone agendas and the official minutes, preparing legal notices relating to City Council agendas and other City issues for publication and posting, maintaining the City seal and attesting to all City documents, oaths of office, maintaining boards and commission membership rosters, receiving bids and attending bid openings, managing records, coordinating public information requests, preparing agendas, recording minutes and facilitating City Council, Economic Improvement Corporation, and Tax Increment Reinvestment Zone meetings, swearing in municipal officers, and codifying ordinances approved by the City Council.

The City Secretary serves as the Election Administration Official for City elections, Records Manager, and Filing Officer for campaign disclosure statements. The City Secretary’s office serves as the information and research assistance to the public and City staff, and serves as custodian for official City records, i.e. Ordinances, Resolutions, Deeds, Agreements, the Code of Ordinances, and the City Charter.

The City Secretary Department falls under the supervision of the City Manager within the Administrative Division. The City Secretary is appointed by the City Manager as required by the City Charter.

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