Main Street Description

Kerrville Main StreetDowntown Sidwalk with flowers

The Kerrville Main Street Program is an economic development and physical improvement process designed to benefit the entire Kerrville community. The overall goal is to help provide opportunities to enhance the central business district for all citizens and visitors. Key functions are aiding present businesses to improving the physical attractiveness of the central business district and recruiting new businesses. Click here to see the 2023 Program of Work for Kerrville Main Street.

The Main Street process works by involving a community-wide cross section of volunteers in an effort to make Kerrville a better place to live, work and shop. To do this, concentration in four areas is ongoing. The comprehensive process helps coordinate all interested groups, businesses, Chamber of Commerce and Convention and Visitors Bureau to assure the implementation of the revitalization strategy. Organizing promotions in the central business district such as sales promotions, markets and festivals are planned to bring people to the downtown area. While visiting Kerrville Downtown, please visit our Visitor's Center on your way in for information on our businesses and activities.

Economic development means providing education and assistance programs to central business district owners and prospective owners.

A healthy business community fosters economic growth and civic pride throughout the city and that in turn attracts customers and visitors. Kerrville Main Street is part of the happening.

Kerrville Main Street historic preservation goals:

•    Revitalize historic buildings through restoration, rehabilitation and renovation
•    Facility and street improvements including sidewalks, lighting and landscaping
•    Maintain streets and parking lots
•    Counsel on construction and public improvement projects
•    Provide incentives for restoration and development, such as low interest loan and grant programs
•    Architectural aid