Assistant City Manager

City Hall

Assistant city managers hold critical leadership positions in city government. They support the city manager in running the city and are the critical link between the city manager and department heads. An assistant city manager focuses primarily on organizational issues so that the city manager can focus more on external issues.

Assistant City Manager Duties & Responsibilities

The job generally requires the ability to perform the following duties:

•    Supervise a group of department heads

•    Oversee management of city projects as needed

•    Keep the city manager informed about current or emerging problems and project status

•    Make presentations before the city council and other city boards

•    Attend and participate in city council meetings

•    Contribute to city budgeting and strategic planning processes

•    Serve as a the point of contact for staff at other government agencies and work with them as needed

Assistant city managers are expected to contribute to budgeting and strategic planning processes. Not only do they provide recommendations about departments under their supervision, but they also help the city manager and city council make decisions on broader issues