Parks and Recreation Master Plan


The Parks and Recreation Department and the Parks and Recreation Advisory Board began updating the Parks and Recreation Master Plan in spring of 2021.  The most recent adopted version is from 2008.  Master plans should generally be updated every 5-8 years in order to stay relevant and qualify for grants. This update process encouraged community feedback and engagement. 

The goals of the update were to:

  1. Update the plan from 2008 to coincide with Kerrville 2050 (the City's Comprehensive Plan);
  2. Update projects and current operations;
  3. Include public input and community engagement by incorporating community feedback;
  4. Include Parks and Recreation Advisory Board and City Leadership input;
  5. Follow guidelines of both the Texas Parks and Wildlife Department (TPWD) and the National Recreation and Park Association in order to become grant eligible. 

Priority Projects

Below in the resources section, is a list of identified priority projects by staff and the board.  The majority of these projects are action items from the Kerrville 2050 Comprehensive Plan.  These priorities were presented and ranked by the public during the public input process. The opportunity to provide additional feedback for items not already identified was made available as well. 

The final result for identified park improvements are listed in priority order per park.  Please see the Parks and Recreation Master Plan Update 2022 below for details. 

  1. Singing Wind Park
  2. Olympic Pool
  3. Kerrville-Schreiner Park
  4. Louise Hays Park
  5. Misc. Park Items (this contains a list of miscellaneous items for several parks, but not enough items to give each park a specific priority on the list)
  6.  River Trail / Trails
  7. Scott Schreiner Golf Course
  8. Guadalupe River / Riparian Areas / Nimitz Lake
  9. Dog Parks 

Public Input Process

As mentioned, the Parks and Recreation Advisory Board (PRAB) began work on the plan in spring of 2021.  The PRAB met several times during this process with meetings posted and open to the public pursuant to the Texas Open Meetings Act. These meetings were held on March 25, 2021; April 27, 2021; June 1, 2021; September 7, 2021; October 12, 2021; December 15, 2021; and March 10, 2022.

A public input meeting was held on Wednesday, December 15, 2021 at 5:15 p.m. at the Dietert Center, 451 Guadalupe Street to receive community input.  For those that could not make the meeting, but interested in providing feedback, the opportunity to submit input via e-mail directly to the Director of Parks and Recreation was accepted through December 31, 2021.

Once the input was gathered, an online survey was offered in March 2022.  The survey was a culmination of priorities identified to date in the process and presented for additional feedback.  The survey was offered on the City's website, social media platforms, e-mail blasts, and a press release was issued. 

The City provided notice of the public input process by the following ways:  public notice in the local newspaper; press releases; e-mail blasts; social media platforms; and City website. 

Approval Process

The plan approval and adoption consists of the following process:

  1. Parks and Recreation Advisory Board Approval - March 10, 2022
  2. Texas Parks and Wildlife Preliminary Review and Approval - March 21, 2022
  3. Kerrville City Council Review - A joint workshop between the City Council and the PRAB was held on April 19, 2022. 
  4. Kerrville City Council Adoption by Resolution -  April 26, 2022. 
  5. Texas Parks and Wildlife Approval - To be submitted once the City Council formally approves the plan by adopting it via resolution.  TPWD will not accept the plan until the City Council formally adopts it by resolution. 


Kerrville 2050:  Click Here

Identified Priority Projects: Click Here

Public Input Meeting: Press Release

Public Input Meeting Presentation: Click Here

Online survey available for Parks Master Plan update feedback: Press Release

City Council and PRAB Joint Workshop Presentation: Click Here

Parks and Recreation Master Plan Update 2022:  Click Here

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For More Information Please Contact

Ashlea Boyle, CPRP

Director of Parks and Recreation

City of Kerrville, Texas

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