Building Division

Development Services

Commitment to Service

In partnership with builders, contractors and property owners of the City, the Development Services of the City of Kerrville is committed to ensuring the quality of life in Kerrville by working to ensure the safety of buildings and structures built in our community.

Though we provide a service to the builders and contractors in the community, our ultimate customer is the owners and users of the buildings we permit and inspect. We are not builders, project managers or quality control agents. It is the contractor’s responsibility to understand both the codes that apply to their work and our role of enforcing those codes.

Through consistent enforcement of well defined building standards, and a proactive relationship with those in the building industry, we commit to work with those in the industry to maintain a minimum standard of construction quality in the City of Kerrville. To that end, we the leaders of Development Services commit ourselves and our employees to the following standards of service to all users.

We will:

  • Discuss your project with you prior to its final development,
  • Inform you of codes and regulations applicable to your project prior to construction,
  • Define your options throughout the building process,
  • Communicate needs of your project in a unified voice,
  • Listen to all concerns to settle conflicts, and
  • Provide a timely method of appeal should it be necessary.