Vision, Mission and Priorities


Kerrville will be a vibrant, welcoming and inclusive community that:
    Respects and protects the natural environment that surrounds it;
    Seeks to attract economic growth and development;
    Provides opportunities for prosperity, personal enrichment and intellectual growth for people of all ages; and
    Does so while preserving the small-town charm, heritage, arts and culture of the community.


The City of Kerrville’s Mission is to create an environment that fosters prosperity and opportunity for all citizens by providing quality infrastructure and services, creating abundant cultural and recreational opportunities and promoting local economic growth. 


        - Secure long-term water supplies;
        - Develop achievable infrastructure;
        - Promote a diverse, hub-city economy with a vibrant downtown, growth in good jobs, and affordable housing;
        - Encourage active and involved citizenry with representative government and a culture of strong outreach.