Employment Opportunities

Kerrville Police Department's Recruitment & Training Unit

The Unit is responsible for the Recruiting process from the receiving of the original application to scheduling background investigations, physical task test, polygraph examinations and psychological examinations. An Interview Board comprised of supervisors and command staff officers evaluate each candidate during the final stage of the recruitment process.

All TCOLE legislatively required training is scheduled for every officer. In addition to the mandated training, each officer is encouraged to determine their own career path, and in turn, the training officer attempts to match the officer's desires with the needs of the department.

This agency has an abundance of talent, and many of the officers are certified instructors whose expertise is utilized by the training officer in teaching required courses.

Employment Application

Patrol Officer Information

Information may be obtained by contacting Sergeant Chuck Bocock at 429 Sidney Baker, Kerrville, Texas 78028. Telephone 830-258-1370; Chuck.Bocock@kerrvilletx.gov
When we hire non-certified, they have to complete the hiring process while simultaneously applying with the academy. The academy has a written test, a PT, and some other items to complete. The academy is in San Antonio and it’s called the Alamo Area Regional Law Enforcement Academy (aarlea.com). It’s affiliated with the Alamo Area Council of Governments (AACOG).

You are responsible for paying the tuition, about $2900, and after ‘successful completion of the academy’ you are reimbursed for this expense. While in the academy, you are a City of Kerrville employee and you are paid 90% of starting patrol base pay, $54,208 ($48,787). You have to use your own transportation and gas while attending.

You will have to sign a 3 year contract with the City of Kerrville. If you leave KPD before the three year term is up, you will have to reimburse the City of Kerrville for the prorated balance of your tuition costs. 

Applications also being accepted for Telecommunications Specialist and Communications Manager.  Please see City Kerrville's Employment Opportunities page for further opening information.