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To be an eligible applicant for the Kerrville Police Department, you must be at least 21 years of age and possess a high school diploma or GED.  You do not have to possess a basic peace officer certification.

While non-certified applicants are processing with the Kerrville Police Department, they will also be processed for entry into the Basic Peace Officer Academy by the Recruiting Sergeant. Processing for the academy is incumbent upon the next academy’s start date.

The academy tuition is approximately $3,800.  The Kerrville Police Department pays this fee.  Ex-military personnel are eligible to use their GI Bill for this expense.  The employee will have to sign a 4 year contract with the Kerrville Police Department.  If that obligation is not fulfilled, the applicant will be required to reimburse the prorated amount of the tuition expense.

Once an applicant has successfully completed the application process with the City of Kerrville and the academy, the applicant enters the academy as a City of Kerrville employee and receives entry level Patrol Officer pay which is $28.19 hourly.

While in the academy, employees accrue vacation and sick leave and are eligible for other benefits, such as holiday pay and health insurance.  

The academy the applicants attend is the Alamo Area Regional Law Enforcement Academy. The academy takes about 6 months to complete. Upon graduating, the employee begins the Field Training Program.    

For more information call or email the Recruiting Sergeant at (830) 258-1370 or email:

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