Yard Waste Collection

Curbside collection for residential units occurs once a month and on your designated week, which is based on your garbage collection day.  If services are delayed, they will continue through the following week.  Yard Waste consists of bagged leaves or grass clippings, cut brush and limbs.  Listed below are some guidelines to ensure your debris is collected:
    *Items must be out for collection no later than 7:30am on Monday of your collection week.
    *There is a 2-cubic yard limit for all brush piles. 
    *No more than 25 bags of leaves/grass clippings may be placed out for collection.
    *Bags must have enough strength and not bust when lifted.
    *Cut limbs are limited to a 6-inch diameter and 6-foot length.
    *Do not place yard waste in collection carts designated for garbage and recycling.
    *Yard waste must be 3 feet away from other objects.
    *Do not place yard waste out more than 10 days prior to your collection day. 
    *Do not place yard waste on top of any meter, nor directly under overhead obstructions.

2019 Solid Waste Calendar