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July 2, 2019 @ 4:00 p.m.


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Charter Review Commission Members
Brenda Craig
 Greg Richards
Stephen Fine
Michael Sigerman
John Harrison
Karen Yanez
Peggy McKay


Charter Documents

Current Charter with Redlined Changes

Charter Review Commission Details


Members must submit an application to the City Secretary’s Office. Commission members will be appointed by the City Council from the applications received.
Board Application: Apply online for membership to this board

Powers and Duties:

The City Council charges the Charter Review Commission as follows:
1. to organize itself as it sees fit, with a recommendation that it select a chair and a vice-chair. City staff will serve as secretary of the Commission and will, in part, take and prepare minutes.
2.  to arrange its meeting schedule and location, with the fundamental goal that meeting times and locations be accessible as possible to encourage public input.
3.  to review the current City Charter pursuant to the following:
     a.  cause the Charter to conform to federal and state law where conflict or inconsistencies exist.
     b.  revise in an effort to clarify and condense as necessary or possible or where a section is confusing or believed to be ineffective.
     c.  consider the following provisions, as specifically provided for in Section 14.07 of the Charter:
          i.   Consider the operation of the City government under the Charter and determine whether any Charter sections require revision. To this end, at least one public hearing shall be held and the Commission shall have the power to compel the attendance of any officer or employee of the City and to require the submission of any of the City records which it may deem necessary to the conduct of such hearing.
         ii.  Propose recommendations, if any, it deems desirable to ensure compliance with the Charter by the City government.
         iii. Propose amendments, if any, to the Charter to improve the effective application of the Charter to current conditions and operations.
         iv. Report its finding and present its proposed amendments, if any, to the City Council.
    d. consider all other provisions of the Charter as the Charter Review Commission may determine is necessary.
4.  to work as diligently as possible, with the understanding that pursuant to Section 14.07 of the Charter, the term of the Commission is set at six (6) months. However, this section also provides that Council may extend this term.
5.  while acknowledging the six (6) month term, to have the goal of preparing recommendations in the form of amendments to the Charter for placement on the November 5, 2019, general election ballot.
6.  to ensure placement on the November 5, 2019 ballot, the report of recommended amendments should be submitted to the City Council for ordinance preparation by the August 13, 2019 Council meeting.

Term of Office:

Six months



Number of Members:


Meeting Time & Place:


Established By:

Council Charge To and Schedule for the Charter Review Commission approved by City Council on November 27, 2018.


 February 13, 2019.