Aquatics Feasibility Study

Project History and Funding

The Economic Improvement Corporation (EIC), the City’s 4b sales tax corporation, allocated funding for a feasibility study for the Olympic Pool in the FY16 adopted budget. The Parks and Recreation Advisory Board made a recommendation to proceed with this study in July 2017. A public hearing was held and the funding agreement was subsequently approved by both the EIC and the Kerrville City Council in March 2018. Staff initiated a Request for Qualifications (RFQ) process for the study with submittals received from nine firms. Council awarded the professional services agreement for the study to Marmon Mok Architecture in July 2018.

Project Scope

This study will consist of a feasibility study for the City’s Olympic Pool located at 601 Olympic Drive in Kerrville, Texas.

The Olympic Pool was built in 1970 and has not seen significant improvements since. Most of the original infrastructure is still in place, and the facility is in need of renovation and general upgrades. The facility is outdated and is to be evaluated for basic needs and updates as well as feature and improvement recommendations based on current trends in aquatics (slides, interactive toys, “fun factor”, etc.), and the specific needs of the Kerrville community. At a minimum, the mechanical equipment and filtration system needs to be addressed in addition to evaluating pool leaks and other maintenance issues. The facility has inadequate storage, no designated first-aid room, no staff room / breakroom, no hot water, and no HVAC in the building.

The Olympic Pool is a 50 meter X 20 yard six lane unheated pool. Its depths range from 3.5 feet to 16 feet. The pool has a high (3 meter) and low (1 meter) diving boards, a small baby pool, picnic areas, pavilion, lobby, pump room, and restroom. The facility is currently a summer operational facility for open swim and programs such as swim lessons. The facility does not currently host a swim team.

Preliminary discussions have been held with Kerrville Independent School District (KISD) and Schreiner University. Both organizations have expressed interest in a year-round competitive aquatics facility with the intent of their active use, to include possibly fielding competitive swim teams and programming.

This process will engage various aquatics-related community stakeholders such as KISD and Schreiner University, city boards and commissions, and the general public. The study will be utilized for a subsequent project design effort, if found to be feasible, and ultimately the public bidding process for construction, if funded.

Items to be considered in the feasibility study will include, but not be limited to:

  • evaluation of the condition of the existing complex in its entirety including applicable local, state, and federal code;
  • needs assessment including public / stakeholder input;
  • recommended improvements / enhancements and conceptual planning of the entire facility;
  • necessary research to appropriately evaluate the viability of such improvements;
  • evaluation of the amount of local work force needed to support an extended season / year-round facility;
  • and cost analysis for construction and operation of each option.

The feasibility study may provide multiple improvement options, based on conditions of the facility, and based on public / stakeholder feedback for:

  1. Minimum Improvements:
    • Improvements / repairs to the pool to address strictly maintenance / code issues.
  2. Improvement options as outlined below to also include addressing maintenance / infrastructure / code issues (Option 1a):
    • improvements for a year-round competitive pool and facility updates utilizing the existing facility without recreational improvements;
    • improvements for a year-round competitive pool and facility updates utilizing the existing facility with recreational improvements;
    • a new indoor competitive facility (natatorium); and recreational improvements and facility updates to the existing facility.

Get Involved 

This is the community’s project and we need your input.

Public Input Meetings:

  • Meeting 1: October 11, 2018 at 5:15 p.m.

Kerrville City Hall, 701 Main Street

Click here to view the presentation from Town Hall Meeting 1.

Click here to view the video from Town Hall Meeting 1.

  • Meeting 2: November 29, 2018 at 5:15 p.m.

Dietert Center, 451 Guadalupe Street

Click here to view the presentation from Town Hall Meeting 2.

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