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The City believes that to maximize its greatest resource, its workforce, it is necessary to invest in their education. We believe a workforce that is educated and skilled will challenge the status quo and lead to innovative change.

To achieve innovative change City University offers the following tracks:

  • STEP Track – Provides the basic skills that City employees need to be able to “STEP Up” to develop a culture of innovation. Classes such as On Boarding, Standardization of Work, Habits of Success and others provide that foundation.
  • Technology Track – Provides the technical skills to use with current and new technology to conduct their work and better serve the community. Class offered through this track are training on Excel, Word, Outlook, Incode and much more.
  • Leadership Track – Provides leadership concepts and techniques that City leaders can utilize to lead their respective areas of responsibility and engage their workforce. Classes offered through this track are Situational Leadership, Establishing a Purpose, Dance of Leadership, and much more.
  • Innovation Track – Provides the skills and techniques for developing innovative solutions that fundamentally change how the City does business. Classes offered through this track are Lean Six Sigma, Strategic Planning, Business Planning, and other tools.

City University provides the forum for education through its programing.

For City Employees please click on the following link to be able to register for classes: CITY U