Office of Innovation

In 2017, the City of Kerrville created the Office of Innovation. The City believes that the greatest resource for innovation is its employees; through engagement and empowerment the spark of creativity will achieve a City that is responsive and engaging to it citizens and creates economic opportunity for all.

To achieve the highest levels of innovation and performance excellence the Office of Innovation uses multiple tools:

  • City University – Provides educational opportunities for employees to enhance their capabilities and capacities to identify and implement innovative solutions. City University provides multiple educational tracks that the employee can choose to attend.
  • Lean Six Sigma – Uses a problem solving and business methodology to eliminate waste and variation in a process. Employees are empowered through the methodology to assess and improve their work processes in achieve the highest levels of performance excellence.
  • Business Planning – Is an integrated tool that utilizes strategic planning, performance measures, and the Baldrige Performance Excellence Criteria to encourage departments to engage in developing innovative solutions to department and citywide issues.
  • Strategic Planning – Is the integrated tool that combines efforts from the Comprehensive Plan and internal operations to develop City wide strategic objectives to achieve the City of Kerrville’s Mission and Vision.

Through these tools and efforts, the Office of Innovation will create a culture of innovation.