Floor Plans

What Type of Structural or Floor Plans are Required for a Permit?

A structural (floor) plan should be provided to the Building Inspection Division with sufficient detail to adequately describe the construction elements for plan review. If there is insufficient information, the plan will be returned to the applicant for revision. A good set of plans will expedite the granting of your permit. The plan review process can take up to 10 business days.

Structural details required by the Building Inspection Division Staff will usually include:
  1. Foundation details, piers etc.
  2. Framing layout
  3. Locations and layout of electrical equipment (plugs, switches, light fixtures, panels, etc.)
  4. Electrical load calculation
  5. Location and layout of plumbing equipment (sinks, hose bibs, sewer lines, water closets, dishwasher, etc.)
  6. Location and size of windows, doors, etc.
  7. Any other requirements as requested by the staff.
  8. Along with the above requirements, you may need to provide flood plain elevation certification (if the property is located in a flood hazard area, see F.E.M.A.