Site Plans

What Components Do I Need in a Site Plan to Get a Building Permit?

If the project is a simple one, e.g., adding a room or storage building to your home or property, the following are the usual minimum requirements for a site plan:
  1. The property must meet the platting requirements of the Zoning Division.
  2. A plot plan drawn to scale that shows all buildings and architecturally significant aspects located on the property. This would include such things as easements, rights of way, drainage structures, parking, etc.
  3. A foot print (drawing of a structure) of any proposed development with the dimensions shown from the property lines and architecturally significant appurtenances on the site. These should be drawn to scale.
  4. Any changes to the natural drainage of the property caused by the construction of impervious cover (sidewalks, driveways, roof structures, etc.) on the property. The amount of detail required on this drainage diagram will be reviewed and determined by the Building Inspection Division and may include anything from arrows drawn on the plot plan to a formal study by a licensed engineer.