Building Permits

What Things Require a Building Permit?

A permit is required for each stage of construction. In almost all cases, your contractor(s) is responsible for obtaining those permits and you, as the homeowner, will not have to become personally involved with the Building Inspection Division.

If any contractor is doing carpentry, electrical work, plumbing, mechanical, concrete, or other type of construction on your home, business or property, they must obtain permits for such work and the burden of responsibility to meet the City of Kerrville Codes and Ordinances falls on the Contractor and the owner.

This is a very important aspect in the issuance of a building permit, particularly if any discrepancies are found during the inspection process. If the permit is issued to the homeowner or owner of the property, which is permissible by state law, the homeowner or owner of the property becomes the sole responsible party.

Make sure the permit is issued to the contractor doing the work on your home or property.


What do I do when I get the permit?

The permit must be posted on the job site along with an address sign that is readable from the street if no street address is already present in the area. The job can begin as soon as the permits are all issued - and may continue subject to required inspections and approvals.