Formal Review with Building Inspection Div

When the Building Inspection Division receives the application, then what?

When the application is submitted to the Building Inspection Division, various members of the Department will review the application. Each section of the Department that is responsible for certain aspects of the application must review the application to meet that standards for final approval. There is a plan check fee that is to be paid when dropping off permit application.

Once the application has been approved by all sections concerned, the appropriate fees are determined and the applicant is contacted by the Building Inspection Division that the permit is ready to be granted. The next step in this process prior to the final issuing of the permit requires that all applicable fees must be settled.

When all fees are settled and paid, the permit is printed and signed by the staff of the Building Inspection Division and the applicant. A copy of the permit is then given to the successful applicant. All plans submitted to the Building Inspection Division during the application process will be retained by the Department and not returned to the applicant. Permit records are public information and are often used when a property is sold or transferred because permit records can determine compliance with codes and ordinances of the City of Kerrville.