Permit/Inspection Process Overview


Please be advised that these are general concepts for the Permit/Inspection process. Exceptions for simple residential projects may require less detail. The process begins at Project Conception and is complete with the Certificate of Occupancy (top to bottom). Click on the appropriate step and it will link to detailed information about that subject.

  1. Project Conception
  2. Acquire Information
  3. Preliminary Review Requirements
  1. Formal Review with Building Inspection Division
  2. After all categories in this step have been reviewed, proceed to step 7
    • Building Inspector Review
    • Plumbing, mechanical, & electrical inspector reviews
    • Planning & zoning review
    • Water & waste water review
    • Engineering review
    • Health & fire review
  3. Submit for Approval
  4. Building Permit Issued
  5. Separate Permits are issued for Electrical, Plumbing & Mechanical
  6. Begin Inspection Phase of Construction (All General Categories in this step require separate inspections)
    • Building Inspection
      • Setbacks requirements
      • Form Board Survey required before inspection
      • Foundation Steel
      • Framing
      • Insulation/ Insulation report
      • Driveway, Sidewalk, Flatwork
      • Envelope seal report (from a certified rater)
      • Building Final
    • Electrical Inspection
      • Temporary Pole
      • Electrical Rough In
      • Construction Meter
      • Electrical Final
    • Plumbing Inspection
      • Gas Test
      • Plumbing Rough In
      • Plumbing Top Out
      • Yard Lines
      • Plumbing Final
    • Mechanical Inspection
      • Mechanical Rough In
      • Pressure Test
      • Mechanical Final
  7. Certificate of Occupancy