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Recovery Community Coalition
Next Meeting:  May 15, 2017 @ 4:00 p.m. Current Agenda: Click Here 
  Previous Agendas: Click Here
Recovery Community Coalition Members
Kory Kohler-Chair

Julie Wood-Vice-Chair

Walter Brown-Secretary
Pamela Peter

Claudia Richner
Glenn Andrew

Stephen Fine
Ross Robinson

Richard Stolpman
Shawn Driggers

Blair Geisler
Dale Trees

Amos Valles
 Laura Godwin

Steve Pautler
City Staff Contact:  
Deputy City Manager
E.A. Hoppe:  830-257-8000



Recovery Community Coalition Details

Qualifications:  At least one member from each of the following, but any of which may include more than one member:

  • owner of a male boarding home facility with a valid permit issued by the City;
  • owner of a female boarding home facility with a valid permit issued by the City;
  • member of the recovering community;
  • citizen of Kerrville with interest in these issues;
  • representative of mental health support organizations such as Kerrville State Hospital;
  • representative of Peterson Health;
  • representative of Hill Country MHDD Centers;
  • representative from a residential addiction treatment facility located within Kerr County; and
  • two Councilmembers
Powers and Duties: 
On an annual basis, or more frequently as deemed proper by the Coalition or City Council, the Coalition should attend and report its conclusions, achievements, ideas, desires, and plans to the City Council. It is recommended that the initial issue with which the Coalition is charged to review is Ordinance No. 2013-06 (Chapter 30, Article I, code of Ordinances), which addresses the operation of group homes and boarding home facilities operating within the City.
Term of Office:
Each member shall be subject to two-year terms; provided, however, that at the Coalition's organization meeting, the members shall draw lots to establish the duration of the initial terms, with an exact majority of the members serving an initial term of two years and the remaining members serving a one-year term. The expiration date of all terms shall be December 31 of the year corresponding with the results of the drawing of lots.
Quorum:  Eight members  
Number of Members:  Fifteen  
Meeting Time & Place:  Meetings are to be held every other Monday at 4:00 p.m., but at least once each calendar quarter. In the upstairs conference room at City Hall.  
Established By:  Resolution No. 26-2016  
Revised:  February 3, 2017  

City of Kerrville
701 Main Street
Kerrville, TX 78028