Main Street Advisory Board

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Main Street Advisory Board Members

Bob Couch
David Jones
Melissa Southern
David Martin


Staff Contact:

Ashlea Boyle, Director of Parks and Recreation

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Main Street Advisory Board Details

Powers and Duties:

The Main Street Advisory Board, which will continue to encourage participation in the Main Street revitalization program; establish goals and priorities for the Main Street Program; assist with business retention, expansion, and recruitment in the Main Street District; assist with implementation, participation, and fulfillment of the Main Street Program criteria under the Texas Main Street Program; and advise and support the Main Street Manager

Term of Office:

Two years with a maximum of two full successive terms (Bylaws)



Number of Members:


Meeting Time & Place:

Fourth Thursday, 3:30 p.m., City Hall, 701 Main Street

Established By:

Resolution No. 1994-133; Reconstituted by Resolution No. 12-2014


May 8, 2017
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